B3 Service

Welcome to B3Service.info

Below is a list of tools used for B3 support as well as a short guide to explain how to use them.


This page has an overview of all B3 services I provide as well as a few that I use but do not provide.

Paste Site:

Using the tools on the Paste Site, you are able to paste your B3.log file and provide a link on the B3 forums. There is no limit to how much text you can paste.

Upload Site:

Using the tools at the Upload Tool page, you are able to upload B3 related files. These files can then be shared on the forums without having to worry about attachment space.

Configuration Generator:

Using the tools on the Configuration Generator page, you can generate a b3.xml. In the future, you will be able to update other .xml files as well.

Censor Tester:

Using the tools on the Censor Tester page, you will be able to test your censor plugin config, both bad words and bad names.

Contact Us:

Using the Contact Us page, you are able to send us an e-mail with feedback, complaints, and other ideas.